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Hudson Valley Presbytery

Family Promise

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"Contagious Enthusiasm" (9/29/13)
"Justifying the Means" (9/22/13)
"Finding the Lost Sheep"
"Working at the Wheel" (9/8/13)
"The Race of Faith" (8/18/13)
"Where Your Treasure Is"
"Moving Day" by Elder Hannalore Conlee
"Distractions, Distractions" (7/21/13) by Elder Mark Douyard
"The Demands of Discipleship"
"My Dad: A Gift from God" by Madison Miller (6/16/13)

"When Life is Unfair" (6/9/13)

"That My Love May Be In Them"(5/12/13)
"Being Prepared"
"An Empty Tomb"
"What's In a Name?"
"The Parable of the Two Prodigals"
"Tough Love"
"Courage and Tenderness"
"On the Mountain Top"
"So Much to Do...So Little Time"
"The Best for Now"
"A Dove Ascending"
"Home By Another Way"
"Glory to God in the Lowest
" (12/23/12)
"Crying in the Wilderness"
"The Gift of Trust"
"Loving Your Neighbor"
Living the Life God Wants You to Live
"Five Reasons"
"The Eyes of Christ"
"Clean...or Unclean?"
"Wisdom's Reward"
by Elder Fred Stelling (8/19/12)
"Our First Teacher" by Elder Judith McAfee (8/12/12)
"The Bread of God"
"The Power of Work Within Us"
by Elder Fred Stelling (7/29/12)
by Elder Mark Douyard (7/15/12)
"Stilling the Storm"
"Planting Seeds" by Sera DuBois
"The Spirit of Truth"
"Not of the World" (5/20/12)
"Laying Down One's Life"
"The True Vine"
"Like a Good Shepherd"
"As God Answers"
Guest pastor, Julie Sterling
"Surprised by Joy" (4/8/12)
"An Extravagant Love" (4/1/12)
"A Picture of Contrasts" (3/11/12)
"Taking Up Your Cross" (3/4/12)
"In the Wilderness" (2/26/12)
"When We Settle for Less" 2/19/12)
"Running the Race"
"One Day at a Time" (2/5/12)
"As One Having Authority"
"Nowhere to Hide"

Rev. Mason's 10th Anniversary Celebration

Union was honored to host our Executive Presbyter, Rev. Dr. Susan Andrews, as part of Rev. Mason's 10 faithful years as our spiritual leader. View her message:

"Our Worthy Calling" (3/18/12)