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The Session is the governing board of our church. Session is composed of elders, selected by a nominating committee and voted upon by the congregation at our annual church meeting.

The Session elders regularly meet to discuss the goings-on of the church.

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The Deacon’s mission is to serve, honor and care for church members and friends. Your deacons work tirelessly to facilitate in all of these missions.

Deacons work from home making phone calls, at the church office consulting with the pastor, at hospitals and nursing homes visiting congregants, at Fellowship Hall hosting gatherings, at your homes delivering flowers and meals, at the sanctuary ushering and setting up communion, and wherever they find neighbors and congregants who need someone to listen.

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Church Directory

Pastor | Rev. David L. Mason | Contact Rev. Mason

Clerk of Session | Deborah Hill

President of the Corporation | Eric Miller

Moderator of Deacons | Barbara Betrix

Treasurer | Judith McAfee

Office Manager | Jolee Dubois

Chancel Choir Director and Organist | Margaret Small

Bell Choir Director | Susan Young

Children's Choir Director | Nancy Miller

Sexton | Levant Gulari

Grounds Keeper | David Young

Christian Education Director | Dr. Janice Anderson, interim

Nursery Caretaker | Michele Greco

Church Pray-ers | Marge Williamson and Mary Jane Miller

Adult Education

We offer a comprehensive Bible Study program on Wednesday evenings from 7:30pm to 9:00pm. The bible study sessions not only provides insight into the bible but also promotes thoughtful discussion on wide ranging topics from the Bible as a historical document to the Bible’s influence on contemporary society.

Adult Bible Study is also offered every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. Led by Dr. Janice Anderson, the class explores a myriad of topics related to adult life.

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Presbyterian Women

Annually, the women of Union Church offer its popular Women’s Christmas Dinner.

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Men's Breakfast

On a monthly basis, the men of Union Church gather in Union Church's Fellowship Hall or a local eaterie for fellowship, friendship and food. This informal gathering is a wonderful time to bond with many compelling members of Union Church.

Mother’s Day is celebrated at Union Church by serving our ladies Breakfast. The men of Union Church recognize that all women are nurturing and valuable contributors to our church, and as a result, we enjoy treating our Mothers' at Union! 

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